Saturday, 24 November 2007

saving the planet economical with renewable energy

We are a small company, trying to make a difference with our products for the environment.

The results of this product will make a dramatic change into how we can save the environment through renewable energy.

Fashionable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly

Here is a scenario

“Have you ever being in a situation, when you go-off then you find that there is no power in your mobile phone, and most of the time, your pda runs out of battery run out of electricity just when you want to take some send an important email, it would absolutely make you fell upset even pissed off.

The solution is right infront of you when ever you need power’’

Hers is another scenario

We as individuals tend to have a common problem with mobile phones at work for example my battery has died out does anyone have a charger for a particular mobile brand. Sorry John i left it out home or Sorry Agata i have changed my phone......

On the train heading to work, an interview , on a trip , stranded in the desert , in an emergency you run out of juice on your mobile.

At Echarger we have the solution, a unique fashionable energy saving product to compliment your needs.

Delivering to you a product with 4 functions in 1 enabling you to bypass asking your colleagues , rushing home to charger your mobile , also saving the planet economically saving emissions burning electricity at home....

Charger anywhere, anytime - never run out of battery and never miss an impoartant call again....